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Born and raised in Los Angeles sparked my love for all forms of art, architecture and the beauty of urban decay .

Ever since I can remember I loved  the fine arts, architecture and interior design. I don't think I could ever just focus on one discipline in the fine arts because I love all forms of it.

I graduated from The University of Southern California with a BFA in 1995.

I designed interiors for model homes for new housing developments for Shea, Pardee Homes and many other

established developers for housing communities all over California, Arizona and Las Vegas. I moved to NYC to work as a home stylist on 5th Ave. and studied graphic design at NYU at night . 

I quickly landed another dream job in Hollywood to design websites for a cutting edge web design house, for fortune 500 companies like Reebok to GM.  Later, I moved to the Hermosa Beach and at that time I was the only female web designer for Mattel's  Interactive web "boys" group who designed for Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Harry Potter, Aqua Man, Max Steel, and many more popular Mattel's games & toys. 

That combination of my fine arts and graphics design made my transition to urban & landscape design seamless.  I designed for cities parks & recs., parkways, govt. projects for USPS's , shopping centers, restaurants, colleges, urban street signage & mosaics, residentials, multi-unit housing, landscapes for skateparks, exterior and interiors of an eclectic variety of my character and historical homes. 

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