Born and raised in Los Angeles sparked my love for all forms of art, architecture and the beauty of urban decay .

Ever since I can remember I loved art, architecture and interior design. I don't think I could ever just focus on one discipline in the fine arts because I love all forms of it.

I graduated from the U.S.C with a BFA in Fine Art in 1995.

I taught myself interior design and computer graphics too.

I designed interiors for model homes for new housing developments like Shea Homes and many other

established developers for housing communities all over California, Arizona and Las Vegas. Then

I moved to NYC, I took a graphic design class at NYU while working as a home stylist on 5th Ave, where I became obsessed with Japanese & French & African interiors.  

I moved back to Los Angeles to design web sites for many fortune 500 companies like Reebok to GM.  I also worked for Mattel's Interactive "boys" group and designed for Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Harry Potter, Aqua Man, Max Steel, and many more. 

The combination of fine arts and graphics design made that transition to urban & landscape design seamless.  I designed for cities parks & recs., parkways, govt. projects for USPS's , shopping centers, restaurants, colleges, urban street signage & mosaics, residentials, multi-unit housing, landscapes for skateparks, exterior and interiors of an eclectic variety of my character and historical homes.